Queen Of Hearts Drawing Week 1 Card 37

Queen of Hearts

1. How it works the Queen of Hearts Deck is made up of 54 Cards – 52 cards deck + 2 Jokers.

2. All raffle tickets are $3.00 per ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased. Tickets can be purchased at Boondocks Restaurant daily (excludes Monday) 11:00 am until 6:30 pm Wednesday day of the drawing. Tickets may be purchased behind the bar.

3. There can only be one name per ticket. Each ticket must include the following:

* LEGAL FIRST AND LAST NAME- legibly written (No nicknames, aliases, or abbreviations) * Contact phone number, that includes area code* Card number choice

*Each ticket must include the above information, otherwise, the ticket will be invalid, and another ticket will be chosen.

3. The Drawing will be held at 8:00 Pm Wednesday starting May 31st, After the drawing all remaining tickets from that week’s drawing will be destroyed. 

4. The week’s jackpot will be calculated the day preceding the drawing date. Tickets sold after that will be applied to next week’s jackpot.  

The game will continue until the Queen of hearts is drawn, once drawn no other tickets will be drawn.

Payout Structure

°Correctly selecting the Queen of Hearts gets 90% of the jackpot if present for that week’s drawing. The remaining 10% of jackpot will carry over to the next pot.

°Correctly selecting the Queen of Hearts gets 50% of the jackpot if the person is not present. The other 50 % will carry over to the next game.

° If the Queen of Hearts is not selected, the following cards will have pay outs. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN AN INSTANT PAYOUT.

°Queen Non Hearts 200 · Aces, Kings, Jacks 100 · Jokers 225 · Others 25

Instant payout will be adjusted ounce pot hits 7500.00.